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  • Meet Our Novices
    Sanny Gie P. Calacar was born on December 14, 1985 in Kibawe, Bukidnon in the heart of the
    island of Mindanao. He is the fourth of nine children born to Simeon and Virginia. His
    grandmother was a convert from Islam.
    Sanny Gie remembers learning from his parents what love for Jesus and holy fear of the Lord
    meant. As a child, his parents would take the whole family to church on Sundays and each
    member of the family had a role to play in the liturgy beginning with his father who was and
    continues to this day as an extraordinary minister of communion. His mother, a lector, and
    Sanny Gie and his brothers were altar servers. And not to be outdone, his sisters sang in the
    Sanny Gie P. Calacar
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    “The Harvest is great but the laborers are few...”: A Call and Invitation of Faithful Discipleship
    When Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI announced October of last year that from October 2013 to the Feast of Cristo Rey 2014 would be the Year of Faith, I wonder what would that mean to me. I asked myself does it really have an impact on me, a seminarian, a man preparing for priesthood or wandered maybe it is just intended only for the lay faithful? My rational capacity wondered, thinking of so many reasons just to satisfy my bewilderment of this “Year of Faith”. However I found no answer at all. So I parked my inquiry hoping that I will get some answer along the way, before the Year of Faith ends of course.
    Do not be idle for a moment, but always pray, study, and do good works.
    - Ven. Pio Bruno Lanteri
    Br. Alex Jufel Q. Baldado, OMV