O heavenly Father, who filled the heart of thy Servant Bruno with a living
and operative faith, grant that our lives be animated by the same spirit, and,
through his intercession, give us the grace of which we have so great need.
Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory Be.
          O Jesus, Uncreated Wisdom, through the hope in Thy merits and in Thy
Cross that was infused into the heart of Thy Servant Bruno, and through the
zeal that he showed in propagating Thy goodness and mercy, grant us the
same ardor and the grace that we fervently ask for. Our Father. Hail Mary.
Glory Be.
          O Holy Spirit, fount of charity, through the love which Thou hadst kindled
toward God and toward souls in the heart of Thy Servant Bruno, grant also to
us that living far from sin, in charity and justice, we may be worthy of the grace
that we humbly seek and gain the bliss of Heaven.....

          And Thou, Virgin Mother of God, Mediatrix of all graces, obtain from the
Lord the glorification of Thy Servant Bruno, who all his life loved Thee as a loyal
son and zealously sought to further Thy devotion, and obtain for us through his
intercesion the grace for which with great trust we implore Thee.....
Novena to Obtain Graces by the Intercession of the Servant of God
Venerable Fr. Pio Bruno Lanteri
Founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary
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“The Harvest is great but the laborers are few...”: A Call and Invitation of Faithful Discipleship
When Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI announced October of last year that from October 2013 to the Feast of Cristo Rey 2014 would be the Year of Faith, I wonder what would that mean to me. I asked myself does it really have an impact on me, a seminarian, a man preparing for priesthood or wandered maybe it is just intended only for the lay faithful? My rational capacity wondered, thinking of so many reasons just to satisfy my bewilderment of this “Year of Faith”. However I found no answer at all. So I parked my inquiry hoping that I will get some answer along the way, before the Year of Faith ends of course.
Do not be idle for a moment, but always pray, study, and do good works.
- Ven. Pio Bruno Lanteri
Br. Alex Jufel Q. Baldado, OMV